How to select IT projects In Final semester?

Selection of IT projects is really a hurdle for many students when there are in the final year of computer science. Obviously when someone has taught various subjects during academic years so Lots of thoughts come into mind like which particular project is going to get good grade? Or which is the new subject that is not targeted by any student in the class and many more. Now before any students gets stuck into dilemma lets clear the thought process so any under graduate students can easily choose the best project that will grab the good marks in final semester.

Don’t overweight theoretical knowledge

Most of students start considering theoretical knowledge and they choice course on the basis of the score they achieved in theatrical exam. For example if someone got good marks in subjects like PHP Java or android programming that doesn’t mean the project topic has to be on these subjects. All Students have to understand that the practical knowledge is the most important thing while considering any topic as students has to run the project in front of panel. It is not necessary that if someone is good at explaining PHP or html code on paper can use these codes effectively in live project.

Don’t select more than 2 topics

At time a student can think about multiple interesting topics to work on but at the end of day he/she needs one good topic so Instead of thinking about many topics one has to think about two focuses. This thing not only save student’s time but also keeps mind in one direction. If an undergraduate thinks on Data ware housing project or online game or SQL Query at a same time than it can easily fluctuates thought process. This is the main reason we recommend all students to particularly think about 2 subjects to make the selection process little bit easy.

Think about own capability First

This is one of the most important things to consider for all undergraduates before first-rate any topic. The difficulty level of the project is the main concern if any students pick extra difficult project that requires lot of effort than he/she should rethink about it. Because even if a student somehow manage to finish the project with the help of friends or group member than again he has to run it to demonstrate in front of Panel.  It is advisable to think about own capabilities and limitations also don’t just try to show off and pick extra difficult project as seven scholar can easily loose mark by doing that.

Be futuristic and update accordingly 

IT and computer science are the sectors where nothing remain constant, every day new techniques are being innovated by experts. For students, it is very difficult to track all these advance techniques and use it in project but they can at least update project little bit by using some of it. The best idea for students is to join in the community where anyone can get to know about advance level of coding specially In JAVA PHP or any other programming language.

Think about Hardware and software

Once a student done with selection procedure, make a list of hardware and software requirement for particular project, it is better for students if they collect hardware and software form collage or university’s resources otherwise to find the unique hardware and software is not as easy as finding pair of shoes in the nearby market. Obviously one has to search on internet to find out it and also pay for it so select the project that is easy to implement with using available hardware or software that are easily available in the market.

Select carrier oriented Project

Practical use of project is also a vital factor because when students will attend interview in any IT firm and interviewer is definitely going to ask the questions on final semester project. At that time to crack the interview question, one has to explain the practical use of own project. If a student wants to become PHP or JAVA developer than the project topic should be relevant on PHP or Java programming language because student can’t get the PHP job when he/she has completed android game in collage

These are some important factors to keep in mind for student in IT field when they are in the final semester and planning on project.