Top 7 benefits of learning android for IT students

We live in the era where things quickly get change particularly in digital world. Remember 5 years back we all set in front of desktop or laptop to accesses websites and only use our cell phone to call or text. Now things have completely changed we perform every task on mobile which we were doing on laptop or desktop. Thanks to Android language that gave all web developers to establish android application so the mobile users get into web world uninterruptedly. This major change forces each and every IT students to learn android language so they can develop android application. In this post we go through the top 10 benefits of studying android language and how a computer science student get benefitted from  android.

Open source platform: Android is an open source platform in which Users can develop application without worrying about license and royalty. On top of that all source codes are available and accessible so the learner can take maximum advantage of it. IT students who are willing to learn android programming can easily join the community where they can easily get guidance from experience android developers. Android is not as lengthy programming language as JAVA or PHP so any one can learn it online without attending any institute or University.


Extremely popular platform: It is well known fact that all users have moved over from laptop to Cell phones or tablets and this thing takes the android applications at peak level. Nowadays every small or big company’s wants to develop their android app and that thing make the android platform extremely popular among Tech savvy.  Today there are millions of mobiles run on android and everyday user enjoy movies, game, books and many more apps particularly developed with using android language. By looking at current scenario each and every computer science’s students around the world wants to learn android courses to take the carrier at top level in future.

Lowest cost:  Android SDK is the less expensive platform if you compare the registration charge with Apple’s IOS. To make Google console developer account, any user only needs to pay 25$ fee and it is for the lifetime and the plus point is that there is no special hardware requirement as android SDK runs smoothly on any platform. Whereas In apple IOS, user needs costly apple devices and also there is 99$ charge per year to use SDK.

 Simple Approval process: when the developers put their 100% to develop one application and what if it gets rejected because of the strict policy? It hearts!  But it is not the case with Google Play as it approves all the android application easily. Google play is not like an apple store in that frequently turns down many applications because of the strict guideline it follows.

Improvement of skill level: Once any student establishes and run an android application he/she automatically gets the confidence level on top. By joining an android course at any institute, a student can learn the fundamentals of Android within a month after and start developing a first own application that’s for sure. Once a student joins in android community, from day one he/she can expand knowledge by interacting with experienced android developer.