7 easy steps to become android developer

What do you think the Expert android developers are god- gifted or very smart? No they aren’t! Even they have started learning android from scratch as nobody can become the expert in overnight! If you are planning to become an android developer and don’t know where to start from than you are at the right place. Today we explain the 5 easy steps in this post and by following these easy steps one by one; you can easily become the moderate level of android developer that’s for sure. So let’s start from.

Forget about Java and learn Kotlin

Java and learn Kotlin

If you know Java than it is fine otherwise learn Kotlin first. Obviously! You heard many people saying you have to have a basic knowledge of JAVA programming to begin with android development. This is not true, as a beginner you can directly jump into Kotlin and learn the fundamentals of Kotlin. Even the Google has announced the Kotlin as an official language so why wasting time in Java. Instead of learning JAVA you can directly learn KOTLIN that runs on JAVA script and also Kotlin has   the similar structure like JAVA so won’t be difficult to learn at primary stage

Be familiar with android studio

All android developers in the world spent most of their time on android studio hence the second step for you is to exercise on android studio. Before you start coding, first adjust with android studio because you have to adjust in the coding environment so at least try writing coding in IDE and be familiar with it.

Practice the basic coding everyday

To become successful android developer, you have to have in-depth knowledge of functions such as loops, has maps, Boolean logic, conditional logic, constant, variables, array, string.  One can’t be master at using these until unless you practice on regular basis. This is not going to happen by reading book on android courses; you must practice on computer to learn on how these all functions can be used in real coding.


Understand wireframe tool

Once you have gathered enough knowledge of Kotlin , move on to wireframe tool where you can construct the basic layout of application structure and get to know the functionality of the pertcialr application. If you clearly understand the use of this tools than it becomes really easy for develop the code according to the design. Even if you are planning to visit any institute which are offering android course, you should at least have knowledge about this so self study the wireframe tool in advance.

Just observe the impeccable design on Google Play

It is better idea to observe the impressive designs of some popular application on Google play. This is how you can imagine unique design.  This doesn’t mean you need to copy design but you can learn how to design app’s layout by seeing It

These are the 5 easy steps to follow when you first join for android course in any institute as It makes your  android learning experience very easy so Let’s  start and best of luck for the future.